Top 13 Cities for New Graduate Registered Nurses

After managing to pass the HESI exams and mustering up the energy to walk down the aisle for graduation, you still have a few more hurdles to jump. Lets start with the NCLEX. *sighs of relief after passing that puppy & congratulations* But wait it’s not over! What’s next? Landing your first nursing job! Search early and apply early, at least 2 to 3 months before graduation. Here’s onestopNURSING top 13 list for new grad RNs. The list was compiled based upon the availability of nursing residency programs, the number of hospitals that hire new grad RNs, prospective salary, cost of living, housing, crime and weather. It’s important to note that all of the cities that made this list are considered large metropolitan cities in their states. With that being said, metropolitan cities have the tendency to have higher crime rates than its surrounding areas due to its dense population.

1. Charlotte, NC – $28.49/hr ($59,260)

Charlotte may not have the highest base wage for their RNs, however the city still managed to slip the # 1 spot based upon its job availability for new grad RNs, cost of living, housing and crime rates. Click on the image below the list to see the comparisons.

2. Dallas, TX – $34.57/hr ($71,910)
3. Houston, TX – $36.30/hr ($75,500)
4. Tampa, FL – $30.68/hr ($63,810)
5. Atlanta, GA – $31.27/hr ($65,040)
6. Tacoma, WA – $39.83/hr ($82,840)
7. Los Angeles, CA – $45.26/hr ($94,140)
8. Jacksonville, FL – $30.30/hr ($63,010)
9. Louisville, KY – $29.21/hr ($60,760)
10. Oklahoma City, OK – $28.17/hr ($58,590)
11. Cleveland, OH – $31.46/hr ($65,430)
12. Knoxville, TN – $25.93/hr ($53,930)
13. Des Moines, IA – $27.38/hr ($56,940)

top Cities





So how does Charlotte numbers measure up to its contenders? Click on the image below to see how far a $60,000 salary in Charlotte will go in the compared cities.
cities compared

So remember just because a city may pay more, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will make more!



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