Have you started preparing for graduation?

Congratulations Class of Fall 2015

Through the hard work, tears, sweat, more tears, stress, exams, laughter, patient care, more stress, determination, nursing care plans, and more hard work you have made it to your last semester of nursing school. I don’t think no one could have ever prepared you ‘mentally’ for what you would endure. Well there is finally light at the end of that dark tunnel and it’s called “Graduation.” Here is a list of things that should be on your agenda if you’re planning to graduate in December 2015.


• Perfect your resume! Have a cover letter handy that discusses your interest in the company, the unit (Pediatrics, Oncology, etc), and what would make you a great fit.
Check out: 7 Killer Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid on Nursing Link

• Create a LinkedIn account. Network! Keep it professional and only connect with those you have worked with, attended classes with, volunteer with, etc… (this is not your Facebook profile, only professional connections that you don’t mind employers viewing)

• Start searching for ‘New Grad‘ jobs. Employers often specify how much experience you’ll need to qualify. Indeed and Google are great starts for searching.

• Figure out the open application period for Nurse Residencies with Spring start dates. Some employers may list this information on their website while others you may have to call. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and contact the Nurse Recruiter to get the facts you need. Check out the Nurse Residency page to see which ones are listed in your state.

• Relocating after graduation? Check out the Nurse Licensure Compact and/or Endorsement Requirements for your future or current state.

Graduate Nursing School? Applications are open for many Fall 2016 admits (with a few still open for Spring 2016).

HESI Exit Exam. Already started studying, if not, start now! Check out the HESI page to get free resources. Remember whatever preparation you do for the HESI, you’re doing it for the NCLEX.

NCLEX Review. Already started studying, if not, start now! Check out the NCLEX page to get free resources.

• Last but not least, the Party. You’re entitled to party like a Rock Star because you deserve it!

Once again, congratulations future nursing graduates!!

congrats mhd
Happy Nursing until next time,
Signed: onestopNURSING


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